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Highly Recommended Ressources

I have listed my favourite resources for everything from normalizing fantasies and rewriting your definition of sex to learning how to talk about sex with kids, teens, clients and patients.

1. Normalize Fantasies & Fantasizing

Perv (English)

My Secret Garden (English) / Die sexuellen Phantasien der Frauen (Deutsch)

2. Normalize Masturbation

Video: Betty Dodson "Orgasmic Women" available via or her own website.

3. Alternative Relationships / Design you own Relationship

The Ethical Slut (English) / Schlampen mit Moral (Deutsch)

4. Ethically Produced Video Material

5. Audio - Porn

6. Vulva Diversity


Das Tor ins Leben

Vulva Gallery

7. Body Diversity

Kat Shaw

8. Talk about Sex with your clients /patients

The Principles of Pleasure (English)

9. Talk about Sex with your teens (or to fresh up on basics, even if you are older than the target audience)

Sex in Echt (Deutsch)

10. Talk about Family Diversity and how babys are born with your kids

Ein Baby

11. What is Sex? Redefine Sex

Sexual Intelligence (English)

Magnificent Sex (English)

Come as you are (English) Komm wie du willst (Deutsch)

Good Enough Sex (Ted Talk)

12. Staying sexual in long term relationshios

Intimacy and Desire (English) / Intimität und Verlangen (Deutsch)

13. Latest research findings on S&M

Powerful Pleasures (English)

14. To solve orgasm problems: My book

The Ultimate Guide to Female Orgasm (Englisch) / Dein Orgasms- Ein Workbook für Menschen mit Vulva (Deutsch- Ab April erhältlich)

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