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How does the process work?

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Do you wonder if Sex Coaching is the right thing for you?

Sex coaching is a sex-positive, non-pathologizing, goal-oriented and client-centric approach that creates a safe space for clients and promotes sexual wellness. But what does that mean and is it the right approach for you?

Want to purchase a voucher?


Select between a voucher for

- just the introduction call
- the introduction call and the first sex coaching session, or
- the introduction call and a coaching package (3 Sessions).

You will receive your voucher as a pdf via email within 48 hours of your payment.
The voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and exclusively for people with vulva or for couples/policules of all genders.The sex coaching sessions are taking place at Konstanzerstr.15 in 10707 Berlin (or online by exception).

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