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Masturbation is a healthy form of self-care to boost your well-being.

The most obvious ways to orgasm are to know your body, to masturbate and figure out what feels good, to learn how to communicate your needs to your partner, and to unearth and mentally reframe your negative beliefs and sex messages. When it comes to body awareness, there is no better way to reach this than through masturbation or solo play, if you prefer this term.

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What are your beliefs about masturbation and most women requiring clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm? What have you been taught about masturbation? What were your early learnings about sex and pleasure? Ever thought of scheduling solo play time? Get your calendar out and pencil in some regular sessions as time just for yourself to boost your happiness, decrease your stress, activate our cardiovascular system and build your self-esteem. Yes, those are just a few of the many benefits of regular masturbation. Interestingly, almost everyone masturbates: a TENGA study of 2018 found that


globally, 78% of adults masturbate.

So let's spread the word! Come with us!

PS: If you are partnered, give mutual masturbation a go! Sexologists are obsessed with it, as it is such a lovely exercise, specifically for those with Secondary Pre-Orgasmia. What is mutual masturbation? You and your part- ner masturbate solo whilst being in the same apartment/room/ bed. You can modify the level of closeness depending on your level of comfort, from “being in different rooms and solely listening” to “being in the same room without touching” to “being in the same bed with skin contact”. It allows both of you to learn from the techniques the other one uses to make them feel pleasure, and you can enjoy sexual activity in a stress-free environment. No one has to perform. You can both simply enjoy the touch you enjoy most and share the experience to the extent comfortable for you.

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