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Wie funktioniert der Prozess?

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Häufige Fragen

  • Does sex coaching focus on treatment of mental illnesses (such as depression, trauma (PTSD), anxiety, eating disorders, etc.) ?
    No. In contrary to sex therapy, sex coaching focuses on personal development, a specific goal and an action plan to get there. It includes personalised exercises to complete at home (“home assignments”) in between appointments.
  • Is sex coaching covered by health insurances?
    The service is not covered by health insurances. However, clients can choose to pay online upfront, or via credit or debit card on site. The payment links can be found above.
  • Do you offer online or in-person sex coaching sessions?
    I offer both online and in-person sex coaching sessions in Berlin’s Konstanzerstr. 15 (10707). Please note that the introductory call and the accountability check in usually take place over the phone.
  • How many sex coaching sessions are required?
    The number of sessions required depends on the severity of the stress(es), the goal and biographical factors. In the initial consultation we will draw up an action plan and discuss how many coaching sessions are required. On average the 5-10 sex coaching sessions are required, which makes sex coaching a very efficient approach. Usually, we meet weekly or bi-weekly.
  • What happens in a sex coaching session?
    Sex coaching is a sex-positive, non-pathologizing, future-focused, client-centric approach that empowers you to reach your goals. Sex coaching is NOT sex therapy. Sex coaching, like all other forms of coaching (e.g. executive coaching, life coaching, etc.) is conducted with undiagnosed individuals aimed at improving their perceived performance, achieving their goals or removing their hurdles. Sex coaches is its own form of promoting sexual wellness and includes personalised sexuality information and education, re-directive cognitive processes and mental reframing, emotional balancing, intuitive guidance, behavioural training, action plans and home assignments, and the provision of required resources or referrals.
  • What's the length of a sex coaching session with you?
    In contrary to most psychotherapists and many other coaches, appointments do not only last 50 but 75 minutes. This has proven to be the most effective set up. Please note that the introductory call and the accountability check in (3 months after the last coaching session) is scheduled as a 30 minutes phone consultation.
  • What does a sex coaching session cost?
    The 30 minutes introduction call is priced at 65 Euro. Each 75 minute sex session is priced at 325 Euro (on a pay-per-session basis). If you chose to purchase a sex coaching package of three or more sex coaching sessions after your first coaching session, the price per sex coaching session reduces to 275 Euro. The coaching package also includes unlimited text messages in between sessions and a free of charge accountability check in three months after your last sex coaching session.
  • What if I cannot afford sex coaching right now?
    Thanks for asking. I am glad you found me. I am passionate about helping as many vulva owners as possible gain access to the information and skills they require in order to lead an empowered sex life. Up to 4 times a year, I offer 3 coaching sessions free of charge to a vulva owner who is either studying, single parenting or unemployed. To qualify, I'd ask you to volunteer 3 hours of your own time to a local charity of your choice. For ideas, visit: or If you would like to be considered, email me - your current sexual hurdles - your sexual goal(s) - what you have already tried to solve your current sexual struggles - the reason why you can currently not afford to pay for the coaching - what reaching your sexual goals would mean to you - the charity you'd like to volunteer your time for.
  • What happens in the Introduction Call?
    In the 30 minutes, initial introduction call, we will explore your goals and I will answer your questions and propose potential action steps. The call is also great opportunity for both of us to evaluate the fit for a coaching relationship. I always try to enable an initial consultation within 2 to a maximum of 4 weeks. The cost of the first consultation is EUR 65. You can then decide whether you want to start your coaching journey with me.
  • What is the Accountability Check-In?
    If you purchased a coaching package, we will schedule your free of charge accountability check-in for 3 months after your last coaching session to keep you on track and make sure you stick with the newly established routines and practices. You will of course, always have the option to re-start the coaching relationship to work on a new goal or to adjust to a change in your life circumstances.
  • Can I text you in-between sex coaching sessions?
    Yes, if you purchased a coaching package you have the option to connect with me via text message in between sessions. My clients usually use this offer to update on their progress, ask questions or request clarification or support with a home assignment.
  • Can I call you in between sessions to discuss my progress or request your advice?
    Unscheduled calls are not in between sessions are not included. However, the coaching package includes unlimited text messages in between sessions.
  • Are we fully clothed during the sex coaching session?
    Yes. We will be fully clothed during the sex coaching session. I offer a talk based approach.
  • Do you offer physical touch or body work?
    No. I do not offer to include physical touch or body work. However, I can refer you to relevant surrogate partners or body workers.
  • What happens if I miss an appointment?
    First of all, I do know that a busy schedule keeps moving constantly. You can cancel any appointment up to 48 hours before the start of the appointment free of charge. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not counted towards the 48 hours. If this deadline is not met, the amount for the respective service that should be provided must be paid. This corresponds to EUR 50.00 for an appointment for an initial consultation, EUR 270.00 for a coaching session or EUR 230.00 for a coaching session within the "coaching package". If you sick or have you had an accident you can of course also cancel the appointment on the same day. Simply submit a medical certificate in the event of illness or the police record in the event of an accident within three days of the missed appointment.

Du fragst dich ob Sex Coaching das Richtige für dich oder euch ist?

Sexcoaching ist ein sex-positiver, nicht-pathologisierender, zielorientierter und klientenzentrierter Ansatz, der einen Safe Space für seine Klienten kreiert und deren Selbstwirksamkeit fördert. Aber was bedeutet das und ist es der richtige Ansatz für dich oder euch?

Möchtest du einen Gutschein kaufen?


Wähle zwischen einem Gutschein für

- nur das Erstgespräch
- das Erstgespräch und die erste Sexcoachingsitzung, oder
- das Erstgespräch und ein Coaching-Paket (3 Sitzungen).

Du erhältst den Gutschein innerhalb von 48 Stunden nach Zahlung als pdf per E-Mail.Der Gutschein ist für 3 Monate ab Kaufdatum und ausschließlich für Menschen mit Vulva oder für Paare/Poliküle aller Geschlechter gültig. Sex Coaching Session nach dem telefonischen Erstgespräch finden in der Konstanzerstr.15 in 10707 Berlin (oder in Ausnahmefällen online) statt.

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